Sunday, 14 March 2010

a new challenge

Just in case life isn't busy enough I've thrown us all a new challenge...
we now have a new allotment, or should I say 2 (half ones that is).

It's long been a dream of mine and now that the girls are a little bigger
I thought I'd just inquire about one, but they were going fast so the lady
at the council suggested I act quickly, I just missed out on a whole plot
so she suggested I take both of the remaining half ones, so I did - now we have
lots and lots of digging to do, seeds to plant and a whole new
subject to learn.

I did some growing of a few things last year and I'm
obviously a glutton for punishment / up for a challenge so let us see what we
can produce this year... I'll keep you up to date with
our successes and failures

happy digging x

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  1. oh wow! how very exciting! good luck with it all


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