Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Shattered Cubism Quilt, how it began


This quilt began as half rectangle triangles. I had a clear plan of what I wanted and how I imagined it would look. However when it was up on the design wall, I didn't love it. I wasn't feeling the connection or any joy when I saw it. So it sat unloved, on the design wall and I got on with other projects.

Scroll on a year or so and I finally decided to give this another go. I decided to cut it up further and see what happened. 

It didn't take much to completely transform this into something I really love. 

It can feel scary to change a plan and to cut up your hard work without really knowing what the results will be. But on this occasion it has paid off, creativity sometimes requires a leap into the unknown and embracing the results.

Challenging ourselves in new ways will lead to more creativity and different ways of thinking, which is always worth exploring. 

This is when the half rectangle triangles began to excite me, simply being cut in half gave them such possibility and movement.

If you'd like to know more and would like to make a Shattered Cubism Quilt yourself, head to the free tutorial on my website.

How do you tackle projects that don't turn out as you'd hoped? Do you put them aside or maybe you reimagine them? Let me know!

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