Wednesday, 19 September 2012

making progress

A teeny bit of sewing has been going on. I made a couple of Mo Blocks for Danielle's Can't Grow A Mo Sew A Mo charity quilt, you still have a week or so to make your blocks and get them to her if you want to join in.

I am making slow progress on my hexies, I'm not loving this, it will probably look alright once it's quilted. 

My heart is just not in it. Do you ever get like that during a project? Just fall out of love with it and wish you were doing the next project in your head?

I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't start something new until the old project was finished.
Must. Stick. To. It.

If you haven't already entered, the LMQG is hosting a fabric giveaway, thanks to Ray Stitch. Giveaway closes on the 22nd. Go!

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  1. I am Queen of falling out of love with a project half way through! Usually when I get to the final straight I reconcile myself to it again. But it is a dismal feeling while it is there isn't it? I like your hexies, especially those scattered bright reds & oranges to make it more interesting.

  2. Hexies have the same effect on me. I've got a completely finished EPP hexie top that's been sitting around for more than a year because I can't stand the sight of it any more!

  3. Put the hexies at the back of the cupboard, cover them with a heavy pile of other stuff and quickly walk away erasing the previous 5 mins from your memory. Then in 6 months to a years time have a clear out, find the hexies and fall in love.

  4. I am always falling out of love with my projects! Love your mo's ;-)

  5. Those Mo blocks are so fun!! Every single quilt I've ever made is a love /hate relationship. There's always a point where I start wondering about it and need a break. I guess that's why so many quilters jump around from project to project. I think your hexies look wonderful, such a great colour combo and the solids are so modern and fresh looking.

  6. I love your hexies, they are gorgeous. But I know what you mean about falling out of love with a project - that's why my "kiss" tapestry remains unfinished after three years...

  7. I like your Mo' blocks. As far as your hexi's go they do look lovely - don't give up on them:)

  8. I think falling out of love with projects is a crafters occupational hazard. There is probably some mathematical formula for it along the lines of
    (design development + preparation) x sewing ÷ patience = probability of boredom


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